Abroad in Montréal, QC: In love with the city

After hibernating for two weeks in Sorel with Alex’s wonderful parents, we packed our bags and left for Montréal. Actually, I’m really not painting the right picture here. “Packed our bags and left for Montreal” really is putting it lightly. We had to play a hardcore game of furniture and luggage tetris to try and get everything in to our humbly sized vehicle. But anyways, who cares right? I’m not proud of it or anything *silently mumbles “I’m a little bit proud”*.

As the deer signs disappeared and were instead replaced with construction signs and heavier traffic, it seemed we were officially back in the city. Ah, it was an instant love affair between Montreal and I. It’s a little cheesy I know. I blame all the cheese curds I’ve been devouring. But a month later and I kid you not, I’m ready to buy an I love Montréal t-shirt. It’s that kind of serious.

Also, in case you one day desire an “I love MTL” t-shirt as well, I happen to know where they “hang” (it’s worth it if you laughed). Vieux-Montréal/Old Montreal is a bit of a tourist area. But there you can find plenty of souvenir stores, intricate looking chinese tea shops, art galleries, cozy looking restaurants/pubs nestled in old European-esque style buildings. Trust me, you’ll want to take a picture or two… Or a million.

And If there wasn’t already enough love between the city and I, I was lucky enough to witness a wedding party coming out of the grand Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal or also known as Basilique Notre-Dame de Montréal in french. The church’s Gothic Revival architecture is breath taking and among the most dramatic in the world. Well, at least that’s what it says on wikipedia. I can confirm though.

Oh and rumour has it, pondering around Old Montreal and marvelling at the architecture of the Notre-Dame Basilica  will have you craving for some chinese food *smirk*. But I was in fact craving dumplings so Alex brought me to this place in China Town called “Mai Xiang Yuan Dumpling” (click here for link). With a cute dumpling as the store’s logo, what could go wrong? The dumplings were bloody good and it was definitely fist pump the air like an absolute idiot worthy. The service there made me giggle though. At one point while waiting for our food we noticed there wasn’t a soul in the kitchen. All the workers had taken a seat and were eating their lunch!

I could go on forever about my invigorating and delicious love affair with this city, but I’ll save some more details for next time.


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