Abroad in Montréal, QC: Winter

To my dismay, there was no white Christmas this year. But despite it having been a fairly average December (weather wise), the snow storm a few days after definitely made up for the late onset of winter here in Québec.

Aside from experiencing a bit of light snow here and there, I had never experienced a snow storm before. So completely forgetting the fact that the snow had piled up overnight, I put on my usual winter attire and was about to head outside when Alex stopped me, gave me a look of disapproval, and found me some other pants and boots for our snow shoveling adventure. Hmmm… Yes… Jeans might not have been the best for stepping in to mounds of snow that reached half way up my shins. I knew that! *smirk*

I’ve been here for almost 3 months now, and one of the questions I get asked the most is “how are you dealing with the cold (and snow)?” To which I usually feel like replying with,”by not getting out of bed – ever”.  I mean, snow is pretty and fun, but it definitely isn’t like in the movies. Seriously, I look like a giant marshmallow half of the time. And if marshmallows could walk, I imagine I waddle around like one too (no offence, marshmallows). Oh, and let’s not forget about walking down icy driveways. A frightening and comical experience.

But aside from frozen snot and trying not to die, I actually don’t mind winter and the snow. Looking out the window and seeing blankets of snow is truly breathtaking and I don’t think I’ll ever think otherwise. And to me winter’s just another excuse for hot chocolate and wearing cozy sweaters. Mmm… Hot chocolate.

Edit: winter is nice until it’s -20 degrees out. Even the air hurts. No thanks winter.


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