Abroad in Montréal, QC: Crossing the border!

We paid a toll and crossed the border to…


Despite sitting at the boarder of Québec and Ontario, the city itself is probably more commonly known compared to any other city in its neighbouring province (including Montréal). I have an itching suspicion it’s because it’s the capital city of Canada. But y’knoooooow, “whatever”.

According to google, there is approximately 883,391 people in Ottawa. Now, compared to the 1.65 million in Montréal’s metropolitan alone, I’d say it’s a rather chill city. People I know would always talk about how boring Ottawa is in terms of night life and things to do. Well… I’d say that’s half true. But if you’re a museum lover like me, you won’t even care about the lack of everything else in Ottawa because there are some pretty nice museums on offer. But if you’re looking for a city to party in, Ottawa is definitely not the place to be. But when you’re currently living in Montréal (“the party city of Canada”), it doesn’t really matter.

Anyways, the whole reason why Alex, his brother and I went to Ottawa in the first place was to visit the Canadian Air & Space museum. Alex and Seb had the idea of keeping it a surprise by telling me we were “taking the long way to Montréal” (we were in Sorel at the time). It brought me joy listening to them continue their Montréal story even when there were signs in English and French everywhere. Ha! And if that wasn’t obvious enough there were also huge signs with Ottawa written on it. But whatever, it still could’ve been Montréal *eye roll*.

Now back to Museums because that’s really all I have to say about Ottawa. Oh, and bagels but we’ll get to that later. The Canadian air & space museum (Musée de l’aviation et de l’espace du Canada) was bomb. However bomb might not be the most appropriate term for a Museum housing several military planes (or maybe it’s the most appropriate term). There were a lot more planes on display than what I had imagined and it definitely did not disappoint. I’m not sure if it was because of the day or time we went but there was barely anyone there and that made it much easier to get around and look at all the different planes. If you’re curious click here for a floor plan of the museum and you can see for yourself all the aircrafts on display!

We only stayed for one night but before leaving we decided to visit the Canadian museum of nature (Musée Canadien de la nature). It was an impromptu decision so we didn’t really know what to expect. But we could see a giant jelly fish hanging inside the museum, one or two dinosaurs outside, and well it looked grandiose as heck from the outside so of coooourse we went in. NO REGRETS. Because it was great! However I’m pretty disappointed we only had two hours there because I know we could’ve stayed for longer.

Lastly, if there’s another fond memory to take away from Ottawa it’s the awesome bagel sandwich I had from Kettleman’s Bagel Co. before leaving. Now I’m no bagel expert, but I gobbled down my marinated spicy eggplant, tomato, lettuce, swiss cheese and pesto sauce bagel sandwich with great joy and that’s all that matters. Also, if anything’s opened in Ottawa past 7 pm it’s this bagel shop. So… Party at Kettleman’s!

P.S. Jokes aside, Ottawa really isn’t that bad at all.


2 thoughts on “Abroad in Montréal, QC: Crossing the border!

  1. Glad you’re enjoying Ottawa.Yep, I’m one of the folks who live here in Canada’s capital city. Kettleman’s is ALWAYS open, even on Christmas Day! So it’s a great place to grab a late night bite. It’s close to Carleton University, so it’s convenient for all the students too. I can’t eat gluten anymore, so man–I really miss their bags! If you’re still in that area and looking for a casual diner or late night pub food, try LOCAL’s almost right across the street from Kettleman’s (Lansdowne). It’s actually terrific food (particularly for a pub). Have a great visit (if you’re still here) 😀

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    1. Haha, I’ve already left but I definitely did enjoy my short stay there! Really?? I didn’t know that. Mmm. Now I’m hungry for bagels! I wish I had more time to explore and check out the universities etc.

      Thanks so much! If I ever get a chance to hit up Ottawa again I’ll definitely remember to check out LOCAL’s :).


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