Abroad in Montréal, QC: A day well spent and the history of MTL

We were in the kitchen eating breakfast and Alex asks me if we can go downtown later to do some shopping. Despite it being an odd request from him, I agree and nothing more was said. 

>> Fast track to later >>>

We got off the bus and were walking for only a little while when I notice we were near Yuan (this vegan restaurant I’ve wanted to go to for a long time). Just as we walk past Alex stops abruptly and tells me he has forgotten his wallet. It was hard to believe because he’s the last person I expect to forget important stuff like that. But he persisted and gullible ol’ me totally bought it! We were “heading back to the bus” and of course he then turns to me and says “we’re going to Yuan!” Not sure what my expression was but it was probably a mixture of confusion and excitement. Lunch was great and I’m definitely keen to go back there again and feast for dinner!

So after Yuan I was 100% convinced we were on our way to get jeans and other things for him when it struck me that we were heading towards old Montréal. Being the trickster that he is, he again convinced me that he just wanted to walk around for a bit before heading back towards downtown.

Next thing you know we’re standing in the museum of archaeology and history (pointe-à-callière) and I’m just like whaaaat.

The museum was fantastic though. The whole exhibition takes place underground where all the previous foundations still exist. We started with the remains of the Royal Insurance Building and the first Catholic cemetery of Montréal. We then came across a stone tunnel where the Little Saint-Pierre river once flowed. The positioning of everything was starting to make more sense at this point. At first it was kind of hard trying to visualize the orientation of everything as it was so different to how it is now. I mean, there was a bloody river running right where we were standing.

Towards the end of the “Where Montréal was born” exhibition, we were presented with the remains of the towns main public square and five small scale models depicting how the city’s core had evolved over time. Six centuries later and we had reached an end. I was even a bit sad upon realizing we had finished the exhibition. It changed the way I looked at Montréal and the way I felt. In some ways I felt more connected to the city and there’s something so rewarding about that. Alex really knows how to woo me! He’s definitely the master of surprises. Well, at least between the two of us. Ha, I can already imagine the smug look on his face as he reads this! Hi Alex.

After a fun and educational day we were hungry again and decided it was time for some dinner. Yep, I’m going to start the blog entry with food and end it with food. So, Alex and I have started the indulgent tradition of eating poutine on the 19th day of every month to commemorate our first night in Montréal together. Ya know, the night a squeegee boy jumped on the car and I ate poutine like a zombie (a content zombie). Aaaand this month was no different. Well, except we were one day late. But we abided by our little tradition and we made our way to La Banquise again. And ugh, it was très, très, très délicieux (very, very, very delicious) as per usual. I think we always go back to La banquise for the epic menu. As well as the vegan choices/vegetarian choices (for me at least). But at the risk of drooling profusely, I’m going to stop here!

* Image source: http://www.tourisme-montreal.org/blog/montreal-museums-matched-to-your-personality-type/


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