Photo Journal #1: A walk to the park


– Parc Baldwin –

A few days of snow later and boom! A winter wonderland.

image1 (2)

– Parc la Fontaine –

Oh you know, just casually standing on a frozen pond. I did feel a little bit silly walking on it with people whooshing past us on their skates. But it was preeetty nice nonetheless.


– Parc la Fontaine –

There were so many families and couples skating around on the pond that for the time we were walking it truly felt like a scene out of a movie. I mean, winter itself doesn’t always feel as beautiful as it seems on the big screen but this moment was pretty wonderful. And I think I’ll just take an extra moment to thank the couple in the photo for being such great models (unintentionally). Ha!

image2 (1)

– Parc la Fontaine –

I sent this picture to my family back in Taiwan and the only response I got was “the fur on your hood looks funny”. Apparently I look like a lion. Lion King 3 here I come?


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