Photo Journal #2: Québec getaway


– En route to Québec city –

Here’s a funny fact about me. I suck at road trips! I basically just fall asleep and this is probably the only time I was awake the whole trip. Sorry Alex!!


– Les trois garçons –

I took this photo of the “North pole parkour group” climbing up the side of a building while we were driving around looking for parking but we actually ended up here later on in the night! Preeeeeeetty good. Ha ha.


– Q de sac Resto Pub –

Alex cannot stop raving about their super decadent foie gras poutine. If you like foie gras, bacon, cheese curds and fries then apparently you have to go here!


I love the feel of old Québec! We went a bit before christmas and there were pretty lights and decorations eeeeverywhere. I immediately felt a lot more festive after walking around. The force is strong. Shoot even just looking at these photos has me feeling festive again. Another year to go.


I don’t know what I love most about this photo.


A sneaky shot of the grandiose Frontenac château.


Have you ever seen people race on ice skates going at approx 50 km/h??? Yeah me neither – until now. I don’t have a picture of anyone skating because my camera just wasn’t up for that challenge.


– Red bull crashed ice –

Despite freezing our butts off standing out there, the racing was epic and the set up was pretty cool too!


– Montmorency falls –

We didn’t get up close this time but I definitely plan on doing that in the future. The sound of the rushing water felt so invigorating. Not to mention stunning!


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