Photo Journal #3: Winter Fiesta

– Fête des neiges de Montréal/Montreal winter festival –


Having grown up in places with relatively warmer climate, I never got to experienced any of these winter traditions such as making maple taffy/tire sur la neige. During this time of year I’m use to people trying to fry eggs on the pavement instead! But seriously though. Can we just take a moment here to appreciate how great maple syrup is. Well… Teeth achingly good. And quite literally for me. Let’s just say its best enjoyed in small amounts.


Voila! $3.00 and a few seconds later, we have ourselves a glob of maple syrup.


Sweet, sweet warmth. My frozen body thanks you.


In my opinion, I find winter equally “romantic” as summer. Snuggling is usually better because it’s bloody freezing cold and the winter views are always an added bonus. Who needs a summer fling when you can have a winter fling to keep you warm? LOL… Seriously though.


Here we have a wild Alex basking in the sun and gazing out in to the distance. Possibly admiring the views and/or deep in thought.


Or just eating a naan wrap.


Apparently mister rock in the picture came from the construction of the metro! Well, the whole island is artificial so someone was just like “hmm… we need a huge rock here. It’s too empty”. I’m just kidding. But it might’ve gone something like that.


I wonder what he’s thinking about.


Wanna go for a swim?


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