Photo Journal #4: “Wood” you be my Valentine?

For a while now Alex and I have talked about maybe spending a weekend at the cabin with his parents. But for some unknown reasons we never managed to find the time to do so. So for v-day (and on the coldest weekend this winter) we decided it would be the perfect time to put our plans in to action and spend a night at the cabin!


Firstly let’s re-wind and start from Friday. Unfortunately, the car was not as excited as we were and decided to fall apart on the way to St Bruno mall (pit stop). We had just left a parking lot and were on our way when we heard a horrific scraping sound coming from outside. My stomach churned and despite my lack of knowledge when it comes to horrible scraping sounds – I knew it wasn’t going to magically turn out to be a good thing. And my suspicions were confirmed when I saw the look on Alex’s face when he went and checked for damages. Turns out the exhaust had unattached itself. But luckily, my boyfriend is secretly Fix it Felix Jr from Wreck-it Ralph and he managed to repair it – at least long enough for us to get to Sorel. And yes, I felt horrible watching him from inside the warm, warm car while he lay on his back in -20 something degree weather. What kind of monster would be I be if I didn’t?!


While waiting for Alex and his dad to come back from their father and son scavenger hunt I decided to creep on some beautiful birds in the backyard. Tell me they’re not cute. I dare you. But really though, my mum actually has a phobia of birds. So as the kind and caring daughter that I am… I sent her all the photos I took of birds that day. No wonder why she loves me so much.


Between taking pictures of birds I was also taking in the scenery from his parents backyard. The river finally froze!


Aaaand then back to bird spotting. Here’s a snap of a female cardinal. Probably one of my fav birds.


Anyways, I retired from bird watching once Alex and his dad were back and it was time to head to the cabin! As soon as we arrived, Alex’s parents immediately started a fire to warm the cabin up ’cause it was suuuuuper cold. We unloaded the car as fast as we could and changed in to proper winter gear. Alex wanted to check out the swamp as everything was frozen so we set off on our adventure. We even walked on the frozen river for a bit but it didn’t exactly freeze the way we had expected and we were constantly falling in to the river’s booby traps. Well, the guys were (he he).


And before crossing the river, here we have… The ever so interesting shot of the Corn field buried under blankets of snow. Wow, I know. I can’t contain myself either.


And here’s me trying not to think about how cold my feet are. Ever since getting my boots and probably getting a bit of water in them, I’ve not taken the insoles out to dry. ROOKIE MISTAKE. Because as soon as it’s -20 something degrees the bloody in soles feel like a giant slab of ice and as you can imagine, it just doesn’t feel very nice at all. OH WELL… You freeze your toes off and learn I guess.

(Photo courtesy of Alex)


Aside from my cold feet, walking around the frozen swamp and finding beaver dams was truly a wonderful experience. The scenery was exceptional and the silence – except for the sounds of our foot steps crunching through the snow and the occasional squeak of a tree -was much appreciated too. It was too cold to take more pictures but I guess it’s one of those moments that’ll stay mostly in our cache of memories.

(Photo courtesy of Alex)


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