Moving to Amsterdam

1st day out of 90

So, guys, I’ve arrived in Amsterdam and I didn’t miss my flight this time (read my previous post and you’ll get what I mean haha)! But anyways, after a 7 hr flight and feeling a little tired but so excited, we (my bf and I) made our way via train and tram to where we will be staying for the next 3 months. I adore the great location and how “local” feeling it is.  I’ve only been here for 1 day and I’m already head over heels with this city!

The first thing Alex and I did was go to the closest Albert Heijn store to pick up a few essentials and food items for dinner that night. Honestly, we were both a little wrecked and suffering from the time difference but there’s nothing I love more than exploring a new grocery store. Kid you not, I could feel my face light up. It was pretty hilarious trying to navigate through the grocery store, picking out simple things like egg, milk, bread and tea. I found this local brand of tea and I had to sniff every single one to figure out the flavour because everything was in dutch! It’s things like this I love the most when travelling somewhere new.

After we both scoffed down a bagel sandwich and latte, we finally had enough strength to explore the city. It would’ve been a crying shame if we didn’t because the city was buzzing with life and the weather was so beautiful it felt like a dream. If you live in LA and you’re spoilt with good weather almost all the time… Sh!

I’m just going to go ahead and say Amsterdam looks exactly like how it’s photographed. People engaged in conversation or in thought, litter the sides of the canals. Walking around on a sunny day you’ll see locals, families, and tourists flooding the streets giving life to the city. It baffles me how every building (significant or not) looks like something straight out of a fairytale.

A good place to start exploring from is any point along the Prinsengracht (Prince’s canal). Walk inwards towards the “centrum” which is you guessed it, dutch for the centre. According to google, Prinsengracht is the third and outermost of the three main canals of Amsterdam.

Now once you’ve explored the different points along the way, make your way through “de Wallen” which is the famous red light district of Amsterdam. During the day it looks like any normal area, albeit there were many sex shops! Personally, I like how unapologetic the area is. Although prostitution is rather “controversial”, I enjoy how transparent it is here. At least compared to other countries where it’s such a taboo.

Another thing I’ve noticed is the bike traffic here. I suppose it can be a little ~dangerous~ for those who aren’t used to it. My bf actually turned to me and said: “I hope you don’t get hit by a bike while we’re here”. I have to remember not to get so distracted by the buildings and pay more attention haha! But really, it’s clearly the best way to get around because the bike paths extend all around the city and in some cases can actually get you to where you want to go faster than public transport. Can’t wait to get my hands on a bike and ride around. So far I’ve only visited the “main” areas but I’m excited to get out of the city centre and experience a different side.

I snapped a few pics on our walk and I’ve inserted them at the end of this post. Looking forward to writing more while I’m here but for now, I’m just going to try and get over this jet lag and get exploring. I’m trying so hard not to succumb to a nap right now lol! Thank you for reading and catch you on my next post. In the meantime don’t forget to check out my Instagram as well if you like travel photos 🙂

P.S If you’ve been to Amsterdam before, I would love some recommendations for places to visit!


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