Exploring Amsterdam solo

4th day out of 90

It’s been almost a week in Amsterdam and I’m just as excited every time I step out the front door. To settle in a little more, I’ve spent some time exploring nearby areas instead of just doing “touristy” things. Well, obviously I still look like I’m not from here because no local stops to take photos as much as I do haha. But it’s been pretty fun figuring out which grocery store is the best and which one has the best produce or best prices. It’s interesting because it’s not something you think about anymore once you’ve lived somewhere for a while. Oh, I need to get food storage containers? Yep, I know exactly where I want to go. But in a new place, it’s kind of just by chance or based off suggestions. The internet definitely helps too, but I kind of like figuring it out by just exploring and walking around. So far I’ve found it to be quite easy to get around and find things. It’s quite hard to get lost in Amsterdam because there aren’t many little alleys like in Taipei. Albeit those alleys really add a lot of character to a city.

There are some things I’ve noticed about Amsterdam, and the first thing is how friendly people are. I mean, I’ve only been here for 4 days but it’s definitely a great first impression. Alex says he has even noticed how calm people are when they’re biking. When someone holds up the traffic, people don’t yell abuse but instead, try to make their way around.

Feeling a little bit under the weather hasn’t stopped me at all from going out and exploring. Actually, writing my last post reminded me of how much I like blogging. It motivates me to get out and experience new things whenever I can. I mean, just do it for the blog, am I right?!

Okay, enough rambling! I’ve compiled some photos from the last few days and added little captions below them:


Our home for the next 3 months! Big thank you to one of Alex’s colleagues for letting us rent her apartment for 3 months. It feels like a home away from home!

IMG_9607 edit

There is a legitimate carnival in the city centre. Hahaha, it’s like a game of roller coaster tycoon because all you can hear is laughter, woo hoo’s, and aah’s coming from people on the rides. Let me know if you know what I’m talking about.

IMG_9609 edit

This one speaks for itself really.

IMG_9619 editIMG_9617 editIMG_9614 edit

Went on a little walk and stumbled upon these sights! Amsterdam reminds me of the old port in Montreal. There are so many lovely old buildings with so much history to them you can’t help but imagine all the different memories associated with the building. And despite the dreary day, it didn’t rain very much like it said it would! But personally, I find the buildings stand out more this way.

IMG_9620 edit

IMG_9628 editIMG_9651 edit

Vondelpark is huge! I’m definitely coming back on a bike and going all the way around. But during my walk around the park, I came across a beautiful golden retriever that was bouncing around the place like the happiest pup in the world! He/she didn’t have a collar on and was maybe a stray. But that didn’t stop the pup from having fun and looking for sticks lol. It reminded me to be grateful for what I have and exploring alone can actually be really fun. But of course I love adventuring with other people too!

IMG_9629 edit

In Amsterdam, you take your rubbish out to these bins. Um, pretty awesome if you ask me. You can find them everywhere, especially around residential areas.

IMG_9630 edit

Bike traffic in Amsterdam is can get pretty intense. When crossing the road, you have to first watch out for bikes and scooters whizzing by on the bike path. Then cars. Then the tram. Once you’re past that level, get ready to watch out for the traffic going the other way! Happy to say I’m getting better at crossing the road here :P.

IMG_9633 editIMG_9635 editIMG_9637 editIMG_9638 editIMG_9643 edit

I’ve seen so many pictures online or on Instagram of these places and it’s surreal to see them for yourself. I also saw the IAMSTERDAM sign except just barely because it was covered by a sea of people. I’m going to try and go back in the morning or at night and see how that goes. While in this park near the Van Gogh museum, I also was approached by a guy letting me know he likes my hair and is done running some errands… And taking his meds?! I suppose no matter where you are, travelling alone (as a female especially) can sometimes attract curious people. It almost always turns out fine, but I think it’s definitely worth it to be a little more vigilant. But of course, travelling is all about meeting new people too. I’m pretty keen on doing a solo trip to another country within the next 3 months. I think it will definitely be an enriching experience for me.

IMG_9659 editIMG_9660 editIMG_9661 edit

Firstly, that bland looking sandwich you see is actually far from tasteless. It’s the oh so famous “broodje haring” which is basically a sandwich with pickled herring, onions and pickles. Yes, I know, it sounds gross and looks gross. But it’s actually quite delicious! Prepare some gum for afterwards though, ’cause your breath is going to smell like fish and onions haha. I got it from this little fish shop on my way home. Initially, I wasn’t even planning on getting anything. But someone had walked past me with a bag of fried fish or something and anyway, the next thing you know I’m in the store. I saw the broodje haring on the menu and I thought, why the heck not? I love trying new foods and even just trying new things at the grocery store is fun. So far, I’m in heaven. The vegan stuff here is pretty awesome too. Even Alex likes them and he usually hates eating vegan hot dogs haha. Those who have had one will know what I mean. The standard vegan dog isn’t usually the best. I probably sound like an absolute dork but sometimes it’s the little things that stand out!

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it! Stay tuned for my next post which will probably be coming in a few more days 🙂


4 thoughts on “Exploring Amsterdam solo

      1. I do, it’s a great city! Just going for an aimless walk, you can stumble upon something you missed before. Next time I’m also hoping to take a couple day trips outside the city!


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