Biking disaster?!

9th day out of 90

I can’t believe we’ve only been here for just over one week! This past week has felt like the longest week – but I say that in a good way. I suppose what I mean is, it’s like when you’re a kid and days feel much longer because you’re experiencing so many new things. Well, and the sun sets at 8:30 pm these days so that helps too.

This easter weekend has been both relaxing and fun. We found some pretty cool places and I’m so eager to share them with everyone.

On Friday I decided to WALK to Alex’s office and I did not realise I was committing to a 1 hr walk. Regardless, I thoroughly enjoyed the scenery and discovering a different part of the city. We then decided to head home first before going out for dinner so I hitched a ride on the back of Alex’s bike. Doin’ it like the locals do! It was pretty fun but not as romantic as it looks. But hey, at least it didn’t take an hour to get back home. Oh, and I didn’t ride a bike because I was stupidly wearing a denim skirt. Yeah, I didn’t really feel like flashing my hoo-ha. We then walked to this ramen place we found online and it was pretty tasty in my opinion. It was a little bit pricey and it wasn’t a huge bowl, but the flavours were pretty good and we enjoyed ourselves anyways. The restaurant is called “Fou Fow Ramen” in case you’re wondering.

To digest our food we decided to walk around the city centre and check out the red light district at night. I also had a huge craving for poffertjes (mini dutch pancakes) so I made that my side mission for the night. Alex wasn’t really sure what I was talking about but he was a good sport and went along with it anyways haha.

IMG_9665 edit
Fou Fow Ramen
IMG_9668 edit
I like to think these buildings look like blocks of chocolate
IMG_9671 edit
Red light district (de Wallen)
IMG_9674 edit
China town
IMG_9676 edit
Red light district
IMG_2494 edit
Finally got poffertjes!!

On Saturday I rode a bike in Amsterdam for the first time on and I have to admit I got a little nervous about riding amidst a combination of cyclists, scooters and tourists spilling onto the bike lane!! Not to mention it was pretty cold and I stupidly didn’t pack a beanie or gloves. So R.I.P ears and hands. It was a little bit of a disaster but the bike path is pretty awesome. It’s definitely convenient and I see why there are so many cyclists in Amsterdam. Let’s see how I am at the end of our three months here haha.

We spent easter Sunday just chilling and most shops were closed anyways. However, Alex found a place called “Foodhallen” 5 minutes from our apartment, so we decided to check if it was open. Not gonna lie, we thought it was going to be some dank food court but it turned out to be this upscale indoor food market with all sorts of food and drinks. We will definitely be going back in the future but it’s definitely not an everyday place as everything is quite pricey.

IMG_9687 edit
IMG_9684 edit
Bitterballen are a typical pub snack here in the Netherlands

As much as I love riding around on a bike, I still think walking is a good way to explore. In fact, I’m thinking about joining a free walking tour. I’ll be sure to fill you guys in if I decide to try it out! In the meantime, Alex and I did a little walking tour of our own on Monday. We got caught in a little bit of rain but we spent the afternoon chasing the sun and it was a success! The rest of the day turned out to be beautiful and sunny albeit it was a little cold still. I even got to wear my new sunglasses! Haha, yes I realise I’m a huge dork.

IMG_9695 edit
Living in a boathouse or on a boat must be pretty cool
IMG_9700 edit
Pretty street corner
IMG_9703 edit
Just one of the many canals in Amsterdam
Alex and I
IMG_9711 edit
Yeah, so this happened! Haha, I’m so happy I captured this on camera
IMG_9714 edit
Beautiful flowers litter the sides of the bridge
IMG_9716 edit
Classic flower + canal shot
IMG_9718 edit
No there is nothing wrong with your eyes.The building is really slanted
IMG_9720 edit
True 😛
IMG_9724 edit
Febo is a cool vending machine fast food chain here in Amsterdam
IMG_9723 edit
You pay the price shown at the top and take your food of choice from the “vending machine”
IMG_9726 edit
Alex got a croquette. People also eat this in sandwich form (broodje croquette)
IMG_9728 edit
Alex and his broodge haring! He finally got one haha
IMG_9730 edit
My spikey heaven
IMG_9731 edit
Wishing I could take one back to Montreal with me
IMG_9734 edit
We stumbled upon this street filled with flower stores and souvenir stores
IMG_9741 edit
Another canal shot!

If you’ve gotten this far, thank you so much for reading! Stay tuned for my next blog post coming soon. I have plans to maybe head out of the city and take a train to Harlem this week. I’m pretty excited for that but in the meantime, doei (bye)!


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