Dealing with an unwanted guest

[15th day out of 90 in Amsterdam]

We have a guest in the house! Please welcome… Our little furry mouse friend. Who I have now named Ratatouille after one of my fav movies. I know the cartoon character in the movie is actually Remy and a rat but let’s just pretend.

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A few days ago I was in the shower when Alex saw the little bugger run across the living room and into our bedroom! EEK. But here’s the thing… I actually quite like (some) rodents and I was getting hamster withdrawals because we had to leave our little Zoe behind. So, it was kind of like having our hamster with us for a moment… Just for a moment. Until I remembered it’s NOT Zoe and that it is, in fact, a “wild” mouse that poops everywhere and carries diseases. Okay, maybe that’s a bit dramatic. This poor mouse was probably so scared and we only found mouse poo in one part of the apartment anyways. I mean, all Ratatouille wants to do is cook food and be a Michelin chef, right? I’m thinking we’ll let him (or her) stay if they agree to cook up some good food for dinner tonight.

omelet ratatouille

I haven’t even told you the funniest part yet though. Later in the night, we sat down to watch some TV and guess who I saw from the corner of my eye… Flippen Ratatouille!! He/she was just sitting there at the entrance of our bedroom… Watching us. Taunting us. I mistook R for a ball of dust at first. But as far as I’m concerned, balls of dust do not have tails.


Okay, but seriously. I’ve learnt in the last week that there has been for a long, long time a mouse/rat problem in Amsterdam. Largely due to how old the buildings are here and how close in proximity they are to the canals. After some research, I have now become somewhat of a mouse trapping expert. Except I don’t actually have the heart to use a mouse trap. I’ll probably regret that when our little friend starts to chew cords, poo everywhere and bring along his family members.

ratatouille family

After the initial appearance, one of the owners of the apt came over and helped looked for where the mouse could’ve entered from. They had seen a mouse about a year ago so and they patched up a few holes then, but they missed one in the bedroom. We stuffed the hole with steel wool because what creature on earth likes chewing on steel wool. Not even an over zealous mouse would like it. At least that’s what we thought… Guess what Alex saw that night? A MOUSE. Didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry at our vain attempt to “keep the mouse out”.  Anyways, other options were of course set up mouse traps around the house, moth balls and poison. But like I said… I just didn’t have the heart! So we’re just going to have to deal with little Ratatouille. We don’t see him every night so I suppose he’s off on his little adventures most of the time. Seeing the mouse did send me on a mini cleaning frenzy though. But anyways, in the meantime we’re just making extra sure we don’t leave any food out. Especially cheese :P.


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In the meantime, enjoy these wise words from Ratatouille himself.

ratatouille 3
Wise words

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