Comfy yet stylish SPRING outfit!

It’s finally starting to feel like spring here in Amsterdam and I’m so excited to dust the cobwebs away and to put together some thweet spring outfits! I also need to get used to shaving my legs and armpits again. Ladies, ya know what I’m saying?? However, it’s also an option to not shave your legs or armpits. You do you!

IMG_0330 edit

I got this sweater from Pull and Bear on a whim, but it has turned out to be one of my fav sweaters – ever. I love comfy and loose fitting sweaters but they usually look like potato sacks on me. However, I like this one because it’s cropped and isn’t overly baggy. I’ve been wearing this sweater almost every day. In fact, I’m wearing it right now! It may be warmer but it’s still only 13 degrees most days, so a thin-ish jacket or sweater is still necessary for me and this is the perfect thickness. The quality is surprisingly good for a sweater that cost only 17 euros!

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The dress I’m wearing underneath is from Primark and it’s also one of my favs this month. It’s an overall dress and goes with almost everything. You can wear it under a sweater or by itself and I’m all about clothing items that require little fuss. I also love that the dress is fitting without cutting off my blood circulation. I adore a good bodycon from time to time, but I also hate feeling like I can’t move (or breath) lol! To be 100% honest, when I first tried it on, I wasn’t really sure. But when I moved around in it a little and let the dress soften a little more around my body, it definitely looked a lot better. I feel like this dress could transition well into Autumn as well if you pair it with some tights. Oh and just as a little bonus, there are REAL pockets at the front. Yaaaaas. Pocket lovers unite?!

IMG_0359 edit

Here are some #outfit #details for ya! Both are from Primark too and I’m absolutely smitten with the sunnies! I’ve never loved a pair of sunnies as much as I love these ones. Finding a pair of sunglasses that I like is usually a struggle and a half – especially at these “fast fashion” clothing stores. And if you’re anything like me and struggle with having an almost non-existent nose bridge problem, then you’ll also appreciate the fact these have the adjustable rubber nose pads so they don’t slip. I definitely didn’t go into the store looking for sunnies but no shopper’s remorse here! And for 4 euros I don’t really have much to complain about. And don’t you just love how simple, yet stylish they are?

IMG_0367 edit

The backpack is also something I’ve been using a lot recently. I had my eyes on a few other alternatives but this one was the perfect size and color. It’s absolutely perfect for spring and adventuring around the city with. I can comfortably fit my 700ml water bottle in it and a light sweater or jacket if it gets too warm. The price was also pretty decent. I can’t remember exactly how much it cost but it was something like 12 euros. The only criticism I have for it is the front zipper is a little buggy sometimes and it scrapes my hand when I’m rummaging for something in that pocket. But, a minor issue if you ask me!

IMG_0353 edit

The boots featured in this outfit are from Yellow. I got these babies back in Montreal and I’ve been wearing them non-stop ever since. I realize I’m kind of saying that about everything in this post but it’s true! They fit me well around the calf and are actually super comfy for cheap-ish boots. They were only $69.99 (cad). Which might not be super cheap, but from my experience, decent boots don’t usually go under $100. I wasn’t sure if it had a memory foam insole but I just double checked online and it sure does! It definitely feels like it does so yay, I’m not just imagining things. In the spirit of Nancy Sinatra (and Jessica Simpson), “these boots are made for walkin’, and that’s just what they’ll do!“.

IMG_0388 edit

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Disclaimer: Absolutely not sponsored by any of the brands mentioned. Just in case anyone was wondering :P!


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