My first spiritual awakening

In 2013 I experienced my first true moment of clarity. In one of my previous posts, I mentioned hitting rock bottom twice in my life. This moment was one of the two. It was a beautiful, warm and sunny day outside; but within the four walls of my bedroom, there was chaos. Ah, I can … Continue reading My first spiritual awakening


Getting personal tonight

Getting a little bit personal with the internet tonight. Do you ever feel like there should be more to life than what is "expected" of us? Do you ever wonder why you're not currently doing what you dream of doing? Do you ever think to yourself, "why can't I be like that?". Well, yeah, me too. I've … Continue reading Getting personal tonight

Exploring Amsterdam solo

I AMSTERDAM 4th day out of 90 It's been almost a week in Amsterdam and I'm just as excited every time I step out the front door. To settle in a little more, I've spent some time exploring nearby areas instead of just doing "touristy" things. Well, obviously I still look like I'm not from … Continue reading Exploring Amsterdam solo