Biking disaster?!

I AMSTERDAM 9th day out of 90 I can't believe we've only been here for just over one week! This past week has felt like the longest week - but I say that in a good way. I suppose what I mean is, it's like when you're a kid and days feel much longer because … Continue reading Biking disaster?!


Exploring Amsterdam solo

I AMSTERDAM 4th day out of 90 It's been almost a week in Amsterdam and I'm just as excited every time I step out the front door. To settle in a little more, I've spent some time exploring nearby areas instead of just doing "touristy" things. Well, obviously I still look like I'm not from … Continue reading Exploring Amsterdam solo

Photo Journal #3: Winter Fiesta

- Fête des neiges de Montréal/Montreal winter festival - Having grown up in places with relatively warmer climate, I never got to experienced any of these winter traditions such as making maple taffy/tire sur la neige. During this time of year I'm use to people trying to fry eggs on the pavement instead! But seriously … Continue reading Photo Journal #3: Winter Fiesta

Photo Journal #2: Québec getaway

- En route to Québec city - Here's a funny fact about me. I suck at road trips! I basically just fall asleep and this is probably the only time I was awake the whole trip. Sorry Alex!! - Les trois garçons - I took this photo of the "North pole parkour group" climbing up … Continue reading Photo Journal #2: Québec getaway

Abroad in Montréal, QC: A day well spent and the history of MTL

We were in the kitchen eating breakfast and Alex asks me if we can go downtown later to do some shopping. Despite it being an odd request from him, I agree and nothing more was said.  >> Fast track to later >>> We got off the bus and were walking for only a little while … Continue reading Abroad in Montréal, QC: A day well spent and the history of MTL