I missed my flight!

Hello, Bonjour and Ni Hao!  Yeeeees, I am well aware my last post was over a year ago. And yes, I did fall into a metaphorical grave for bloggers who have lost inspiration. But apparently, it only takes one wild travel experience to bring me back. You know what they say, "blog about it or … Continue reading I missed my flight!


Abroad in Montréal, QC: Crossing the border!

We paid a toll and crossed the border to... OTTAWA! Despite sitting at the boarder of Québec and Ontario, the city itself is probably more commonly known compared to any other city in its neighbouring province (including Montréal). I have an itching suspicion it's because it's the capital city of Canada. But y'knoooooow, "whatever". According … Continue reading Abroad in Montréal, QC: Crossing the border!