Dealing with an unwanted guest

[15th day out of 90 in Amsterdam] We have a guest in the house! Please welcome... Our little furry mouse friend. Who I have now named Ratatouille after one of my fav movies. I know the cartoon character in the movie is actually Remy and a rat but let's just pretend. A few days ago … Continue reading Dealing with an unwanted guest


Biking disaster?!

I AMSTERDAM 9th day out of 90 I can't believe we've only been here for just over one week! This past week has felt like the longest week - but I say that in a good way. I suppose what I mean is, it's like when you're a kid and days feel much longer because … Continue reading Biking disaster?!

Exploring Amsterdam solo

I AMSTERDAM 4th day out of 90 It's been almost a week in Amsterdam and I'm just as excited every time I step out the front door. To settle in a little more, I've spent some time exploring nearby areas instead of just doing "touristy" things. Well, obviously I still look like I'm not from … Continue reading Exploring Amsterdam solo

Photo Journal #4: “Wood” you be my Valentine?

For a while now Alex and I have talked about maybe spending a weekend at the cabin with his parents. But for some unknown reasons we never managed to find the time to do so. So for v-day (and on the coldest weekend this winter) we decided it would be the perfect time to put … Continue reading Photo Journal #4: “Wood” you be my Valentine?

Photo Journal #3: Winter Fiesta

- Fête des neiges de Montréal/Montreal winter festival - Having grown up in places with relatively warmer climate, I never got to experienced any of these winter traditions such as making maple taffy/tire sur la neige. During this time of year I'm use to people trying to fry eggs on the pavement instead! But seriously … Continue reading Photo Journal #3: Winter Fiesta